Our graduates are always on our minds at Joe’s Place. We are so lucky to have them working on their first degrees, certifications, and some in their first jobs. However, they still need your help!

We are fortunate enough to have a board of directors that sees and hears this need and they continue to work to address it on the emotional side through mentorship and even counseling as necessary. So, we’re looking to you to help with the financial side through giving. We have graduates who have needs such as hygiene products, snack foods for when dining halls are closed or have an empty fridge because they live on their own, or gas money to travel home for the holidays. Therefore, we’ve decided to collect gift cards that we can use to buy and send items or even just send to them to buy these items on their own. Not all our guys are in town or even in large towns, so the following gift cards would be best:

Mastercard | QuikTrip | Target | Visa | Walmart

Thank you for helping to support our Joe’s Place Alumni!!!

Please note:  Gift cards may be dropped off in the envelope provided with the Office Administrator at any MRH school during school hours or may be mailed to Joe’s Place, P.O. Box 434057, Maplewood, MO 63143 throughout November and December. If drop-off is not an option, please send an email to arrange for a pickup to joesplacestl@gmail.com.